It was an awesome atmosphere, top class decor, with an ambience reminiscent of an Oscar ceremony, with red carpet reception and all. We arrived to a wonderful reception, with cocktails and networking. The opportunity to meet with the who-is-who in Ghanaian society, and the opportunity to tell them about FGBMFI and invite them to our forthcoming National Convention in September was not missed. Operations Director, Sam Mensah, was at his promotional best marketing the Fellowship. Our team comprised of Danny Mawuenyega (International Secretary), Willie Orhin (RVP – Anglophone West Africa & Cape Verde), Eben Sedufia (National Director, Greater Accra Region), Sam Mensah and George Prah (National President).

There was a brief launching of Land Rover’s new Discovery model, with all the usual fanfare, and a raffle, the top prize of which was the very car. How we wished we could win this new car for FGBMFI Ghana, and bring wide smiles to our General Manager.

At 9pm we were ushered into the main hall to tables reserved as would be expected. Danny and I were honored to be seated with the likes of Sir Sam Jonah and his wife on the same table among other dignitaries. Music flowed, food flowed, the rhythms of Osibisa performing live brought back old memories of the days when music was music. There was no dancing to embarrass some of us.

Then the awards began. The EMY AWARDS AFRICA – is a Father’s Day related event that celebrates distinguished men in diverse fields to inspire greatness in the younger generation. There were awards to men in the fields of Governance, Business, Health, Entertainment, Sports etc and many more categories. Then when it came to MEN’s GROUP OF THE YEAR 2017, our Fellowship – FULL GOSPEL BUSINESS MEN’S FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL was happy to receive the honor.

The International Secretary, Danny Mawuenyega and National President, George Prah stepped forward to receive the coveted golden award on behalf of the entire Fellowship, which we dedicated to the businessmen and women of Ghana, with the unequivocal message, that Jesus Christ in the life of a man makes the difference and causes them to be among the happiest people on earth.

We are humbled, that our quiet work as laymen touching and transforming lives is making impact and receiving recognition of men. But we press on harder still, and strive to receive the heavenly recognition which surpasses all recognition. We have a task to fulfill. Our seven fold increase in membership will be achieved if we faint not.

BY George Prah
National President.

Below is the Citation read:

THE MEN GROUP OF THE YEAR AWARD is presented to an outstanding Men’s Group/ organization of integrity who by proof of their participation and contribution have made an impact on society. FULL GOSPEL BUSINESS MEN’S FELLOWSHIP INTL is a group of businessmen and professionals, who have come to discover the value of God in their lives in very personal and practical ways, and use this group to share and enrich the lives of each other and other people by sharing your life changing experiences together. Through your platform, many men have been transformed and become better people for the good of society. The family is the incubator of society and so when the man is right with God and performs his duties as a father ( a provider, a protector, a teacher and a leader). he will be a good example to the children who will become better people for society’s good.


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